Creating Blogs is like Crack

The titles of blogs are like creating awesome band names or fantastic guild names; it is terrible addictive, easy to register, and a pain to maintain.  However, as I explore this phenomenon of converting my thoughts to characters, I have realized that I really do want to start segmenting various categories of posts into their own set of blogs.  For now, I am starting with moving all of my running-specific posts, fitness articles, and posts related to fatherhood into Exactly One Hobby.  The title of the blog is based off of a post I wrote several months ago about what happens when you mix being a parent with attempting to accomplish your own goals.  I have lots of posts in the pipeline for these topics.  As such, Rovani in C# will become more focused on application development, politics, and people being stupid.

The best part about this being an experiment is that I get to do whatever I want!


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